modern rustic bathroom design

Designing Your Dream Bathroom

modern rustic bathroom design

How To Create Your Dream Bathroom

Do you plan to make your dream bathroom into reality, then you have reached the right place? The article highlights some essential points that can help you make your dream bathroom a reality if focussed upon.

Start With A Layout:

Yes, you have to start with an effective and efficient layout for your bathroom. The basic functions that every bathroom has to have are the same irrespective of the size and the type of any bathroom. Every bathroom has a drain system, water lines, and vent stacks. Similarly, the floor layout of most bathrooms is mainly divided into either two or three parts/layouts. The one layout is about the walls, the second layout is about the shower wall, and the final layout is the toilet. Mainly, this process is cost-effective, and people tend to save a major chunk of their cost in setting and planning layouts. Thus, it has to be effective. 

Check Layouts To Try Out First:

If you are looking for some flexibility, go for the two-walled layout plan; you can have the toilet and the Sink on one side of the wall. On the other side of the wall, you can keep the shower and the tub. In some cases, if you plan to have three layouts, it could be versatile. If you get the advice or services of the architect in this regard, they can give cost-effective solutions as well. 

Consider The Sink:

How About The Design Of The Sink?

An essential part of the bathroom is the Sink, which carries utmost importance. You have to have perfect pipes fitting underneath the Sink, and sometimes it has to be in the proper place. Then there are some types available in the market, that are expensive and others are cheap. Again you have to decide the type and the design of the basin, and of course, that will be done keeping in view your budget on hand. 

Check The Light Structure Of The Bathroom:

The lights of the bathroom have to be clear and more on the mirror and surrounding area. You can have wall-mounted lights or, in some other cases, some hanging lights also. Preferably lights must be above the mirror. This setting illuminates and lightens the area around the mirror that is mostly used. 

For the general category of lighting, you have to have ceiling lights. This way, you can even try chandeliers or even pendant lights. It is also good to have lights around the shower or bathtub to illuminate them. What a scene it would be, bubble bath and illuminating light alongside. It automatically excites the overall mood and ambience. 

Set The Position Of The Bathtub:

After the washbasin, the bathtubs are the second most effective and important part of the bathroom. For decorating purposes, it is better to have its focal position in the bathroom, which depends upon the size of your bathroom. You can also fix some sculptures or decorations alongside for decorating the place. 

Final Notes

You can check what options are available in the market and then make your choice/ decision accordingly. Opt for a great vendor for toilet and bathroom designs in Singapore to make your decision.