single sofa bed mattress

What You Need To Know About Buying Single Mattresses

single sofa bed mattress

How To Buy A Single Mattress?

Buying a single mattress is not the easiest task. You will discover different brands and types, available at a range of prices. The thickness of the mattresses also varies, from 8-14 inches. Often, people buy single mattresses for children or for a small room. It is usually a temporary fix until their children grow or move to a larger house. 

The following are what you need to have in mind when buying a single mattress.

Firmness Varies From Brand To Brand

Whenever you see firm, medium, or soft labels on mattresses, do not assume that the firmness of a soft or medium mattress is the same from one mattress to the next. Each brand’s definition of a mattress’ firmness varies. So, instead of relying on these terms, you need to lie on the mattress to make sure it is comfortable enough. 

You Can Negotiate For A Better Price

When buying a mattress, there is always the possibility of getting a discount depending on where you buy it. So, if you like a specific brand but feel the price is slightly higher than you expected, you might be able to negotiate the price to what you had budgeted to pay. 

A High Price Is Not Equal to Better Quality

Many people believe that they will get a high-quality mattress when they pay more. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true since comfort and quality are relative. 

Some people consider a firm mattress the best quality, while others think the softer mattress is better. So, instead of using price as the primary determinant of how good or bad a mattress is, you also need to consider the possibility that a cheaper mattress may have all the qualities you are looking for in a single mattress. 

Don’t Buy The Mattress In A Rush.

A single mattress may be small compared to other mattress sizes, but that doesn’t mean you rush to buy one. A single mattress needs the same time and attention as other mattress sizes. Despite its size, a single mattress will last years, and you need to make sure you choose a comfortable one. So, you need to take the time to determine the best single mattress to buy. 

Measure Your Room To Determine The Best Mattress Size

The single mattress, just like other mattress sizes, needs to be ideal for the room for which it is intended. You need to make sure the single mattress is suitable, especially if you get the mattress before buying the bed.

In Singapore, you have the single and super single mattress options. The super single mattress is 16 inches wider than the single mattress. So, you need to ensure the room is large enough for the super single mattress or the smaller version.

These are some things you need to consider when buying a single mattress. Your choice will often depend on your budget, preference, and room size. The mattress can serve you for years. If you have younger children, they will likely use the same mattress when their sibling outgrows it. So, you need to make sure you get it right.