The Impact of Modern Treatments on Demand for Aesthetic Procedures in Singapore

Although many Singaporeans seeking aesthetic treatments want the most effective procedures, most are concerned about the safety of these treatments. Fortunately, the top aesthetic clinics in Singapore don’t just invest in doctors with expertise in cosmetic treatments. They also have the best technology to ensure the procedures are accurate, safe and effective. The demand for non-invasive therapies has increased dramatically because the impact is visible and lasts longer. The price range also makes it possible for clients to choose a treatment based on its affordability.

In the following article, Natasha Tulsi analyzes some of the top aesthetics clinics and the latest body, hair and skin treatments they offer.

Latest Skincare, Hair and Body Solutions

When it comes to concerns relating to your face, body and hair, believe us when we say you are not alone! Many of us struggle with managing our skin or trying to get rid of that stubborn cellulite. There’s also a range of skincare and hair concerns that come as we age.

These top aesthetic clinics in Singapore offer various solutions to address all your skincare, body and hair troubles. Read more here

Due to increased competition, most aesthetics clinics are touting the latest aesthetic solutions to lure more clients. Some of the treatments offered by most of these clinics include Botox, Ultherapy non-invasive facelifts, eye bag removal, safe removal of stubborn fat and cellulite, skin tightening, fat reduction, and CoolSculpting fat freezing treatments. Most of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore use the latest technology for all their treatments.

In the following article, Tan Wei Lin discusses why serums and masks are no longer effective in the removal of wrinkles, and the latest anti-aging solutions.

Latest Facial Solutions for Aging Skin

A good skincare regimen may go a long way in keeping yourself looking fresh-faced, but certain skin issues do require professional aid. If you’ve been battling hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles and badly slackened skin with masks and intensive serums to no avail, a medical-grade treatment might just be the answer to your problems.

There often are good reasons why a dermatologist-administered treatment costs more than a typical facial you get at the spa – the results are more immediate and definitely more dramatic, not to mention that it’s safe for your skin since it’ll be delivered with professional expertise. Read more here

The harsh and unpredictable climate has contributed significantly to the ineffectiveness of serums and other topical solutions that have worked for years. Today, Singaporeans have to do more than apply the best serum on their skin if they are to fight visible signs of aging skin. Unfortunately, today people are showing signs of aging skin much earlier. Facelift solutions, such as Ultherapy and Thermage FLX, have become increasingly popular, mostly because these treatments target specific parts of the face that require additional care. Laser treatments are also quite beneficial, especially if you have tried all kinds of topical creams but see little or no improvement in the appearance of your skin.

In the following article, Dr Winston Lee and other aesthetic specialists answer some questions, including the risks of overdependence on aesthetic procedures.

What are the Risks of Over Dependence on Aesthetic Treatments?

Let me answer the multiple questions which are outlined above.

Firstly, for your pigmentation, I think it will be easier if you consult a doctor to see what sort of pigmentation it is. But judging from the history that it worsened after pregnancy, it may well be melasma which is patchy pigmentation in the face, primarily over the cheek area. There are various treatments available, including topical and machine-based treatments such as lasers. Risks and benefits such as rebound worsening or pigmentary hypopigmentation from over treatment should also be discussed. Read more here

When seeking aesthetic treatments, you must find out the risks of over-dependence on each solution. This will help you to determine which treatment is best for you. Some of the common side effects from the overuse of aesthetic treatments include facial burns, worsening pigmentation, or hypopigmentation. This is why some remedies are limited to a few sessions a year. For you to remain safe, it is best to seek the services of a professional when looking for an aesthetic treatment.

Technology has no doubt been critical to the advancement of aesthetic medicine, especially in Singapore. However, the improved outcome of these treatments can sometimes result in overindulgence. Fortunately, doctors understand the dangers of over-reliance on some of these treatments and will exercise caution, especially when it comes to observing the recommended waiting period between treatments.